The first 4 web sites with interactive smoke courses are written by fastessay

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Students, such as online courses, not only because of their mobility. Nevertheless, it remains a major advantage. But there are other advantages of e-learning that will convince you that you can try them yourself:

Great Variety of Discipline

Do you ever consider teaching about the behavior and welfare of a chicken or even about magic in medieval years? This is hard to believe to gain a degree in such areas of traditional knowledge, but Coursera invites you to study it and another 1,000 courses for each flavor. Of course, if such unusual classes are available to everyone, no doubt you will find the appropriate course to improve your writing skills

Courses that are available to professionals and specialists

There are many courses for beginers who can start tomorrow without having to demonstrate your skills by taking the university entrance exam. However, those who have already gained some degree in some areas of the study can also deepen their knowledge

The ability to obtain a certificate after classes

Most of the paid courses offer a special certificate after graduation. It confirms your knowledge and extends the horizons of professional experience. Of course, you'll only get it if you get the necessary number of points by doing all the homework

E-education saves your time and money

You don't need to throw money at pendulum, extra books or housing. Just stay home and feed information from the computer screen. Training fees are also much less or even free. It is understandable why not only the students, but also the university, reducing the cost of education. The main feature of this time is flexibility. The schedule is not predefined: you create a schedule according to your daily routine

To learn more about the benefits of e-learning, follow these steps to learn more about the benefits of e-learning

4 Most famous sites with courses in an academic letter

Coursera, which was offered TechCrunch as the best launch in 2013, was a completely free online platform, but because of growing popularity, the resource decided to change its policy and introduce new. Some classes still do not require payment, but you will not receive any certificate after completion. The education of Coursera includes cooperation with 107 universities and other organizations

The Service offers courses in the field of science:

  • Grammar and punctuation;.
  • Getting started with Essay Writing;
  • Extended writing;.
  • An introduction to the study for Essay Writing;.
  • Project: Writing the study.
  • The program is intended for students and employees whose work is connected with a scientific record-it can be university staff or

    An example of the Coursera certificate is:

    In May 2012, researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) launched an open e-course platform edX. In 2013, the organization started a partnership with Stanford University, and in June 2013 the number of edX students reached 1 million. The site offers various courses free of charge with the possibility of obtaining a certificate. In addition, the option to obtain a trusted certificate is available

    There are free online courses in EdX that are dedicated to advanced training:

  • English Grammar & Essay Writing;.
  • Preparing for AP * English language and composition.
  • Writing and writing of English texts;
  • All of them can be useful to anyone who wants to take the academic skills of the letter to the next level. Not all of them refer to English grammar, so if you are already an expert in this field, go ahead and learn more about the composition. The courses also contain several tips

    The University of British Columbia is a well-known educational institution based in Canada. Employees of the company launched 6 online courses that will help you improve the quality of your work and learn new tricks that will work with your individual style. Here they are:

  • Scientific record;
  • Record 098: Prepare for writing and LPI;.
  • Record 099: Extended composition;.
  • Post-graduate recording;
  • The question is: grammar;.
  • Writing a style.
  • Future training is another e-learning platform that offers various courses and programmes to develop skills and knowledge. It offers one course, consisting of five modules: "The Guide for English is for the study of the university"

    5 weeks of training are divided and represent only one module. You will be the master of the training

  • The functions associated with the academic record.
  • Essay, organization;.
  • Your first essay: the focus in the language;.
  • Your first essay: focus on the writing stages.
  • Your first essay: feedback and reformulation.
  • Bonus Cheat Sheet: How to Learn Online the Best Way

  • Monitor your performance by knowing when the training was easy for you and to adjust the schedule according to your research.
  • First eat the frog: start your day with the most difficult task.
  • Close tabs with social media; they have taken up a lot of time.
  • Concentration in one case: multitasking is not the best way to include in this topic;.
  • Be silent: loud sounds can distract you;.
  • Leave your room in the room: the boredom in your room is smaller than in your head;.
  • Create a list of actions the next day, and you will remember nothing.
  • Learn "no" for people and actions when you highlight their offerings as a waste of time;.
  • Select the time to rest and never leave the rest of the day off.
  • And finally, this video will help you become more organised: